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Ultralight, durable, stable and easy to handle, Pablo will take you from the river on your doorstep to the end of the world. You want to get in on some action ? Go for the spray-deck and stay dry in all circumstances !

Weighing 3.0 kilos off the scales, it offers a great compromise between a lightness and serious paddling, and can be kept discreetly in your backpack or on your bike rack.

With a load capacity of 130 kilos and a possible internal storage system, you will be able to carry all your gear for a quick descent or a self sufficient trip over several days. Where will your adventure take you ?


Additional information

Weight 3.0 kg

Standard, XL


Open, White-water spray deck (+200€), Removable Spray Deck (+200€) or Self Bailer (+ 220€)

Internal Storage

Yes (+ 100€), No


Rouge, Rouge & Noir, Jaune, Jaune & Noir, Jaune & Gris, Gris, Gris & Noir, Camouflage (+50€)

Who is Pablo ?

Pablo WHISKY BAR is our first packraft. What is its mission? To offer adventurers and nature lovers the opportunity to discover new horizons from a new perspective. Lighter and more stable than a kayak it will become your most faithful partner on the river.

Particulièrement à l’aise en rivière, il offre un excellent compromis entre légèreté et robustesse. Doté en option d’un pontage qui vous met à l’abri des vagues, et d’un système de stockage interne qui permet une grande capacité d’emport. Pablo est disponible en plusieurs coloris et est customisable à la demande (ajout d’attaches, flocage…).

Avec chaque packraft sont fournis un siège et un sac de gonflage. Les packrafts pontés viennent également avec un dossier et une jupe. Le modèle autovideur vient lui avec un dossier, des cales genoux et six points d’attache supplémentaires pour fixer les cale genoux.

Technical specifications

Our packrafts are designed and manufactured in France from A to Z, between the Vercors mountains and the Drôme river.

Pablo WISKY BAR is made of 420 deniers TPU-coated nylon with extra bombproof 840 deniers TPU-coated nylon for the floor. The TPU coating is more durable than PVC and more eco-friendly.

The different pieces of fabric are welded together using state of the art high frequency welding technology in order to guarantee lifelong strenght. The welds between the floor and the tubes are reinforced with TPU strips on the inside.

You want to push your limits ? Go for the spray deck ! Made of 210 deniers nylon, the spray deck will keep you dry and warm, out of the waves and rapids. For more versatility, you can choose the removable spray deck.

You are going for a long term expedition and need to carry a lot of gear and supplies. Go for the internal storage system and you will be able to store all or some of your kit inside the boat

Size and weight

3 reviews for Pablo WHISKY BAR

  1. Avatar

    Pagniez Philippe

    First opinion after a try on calm water: thorough construction, seems robust (to be confirmed after further use), spacious and comfortable (L size with spray deck), we feel safe ! Very good value for money.
    C’est donc un premier contact très satisfaisant avec ce matériel. Excellent rapport qualité/prix.

  2. Avatar

    Isabelle L.

    I ordered a packraft, Olivier was of good advice. The boat was made on time. It is comfortable and solid, I am happy about it. Thanks!

  3. Avatar

    Vincent S.

    Très bien conseillé par Olivier, avec en plus le sentiment de pouvoir adapter son packraft à ses besoins.
    C’est d’ailleurs une base parfaite pour avoir un packraft équipé à sa façon.

    Bateau (Pablo en taille “L”) avec un très bon comportement, même sur des passages cl. 3. (Mais en devant vider à chaque fois, je n’ai pas de pontage, petit regret).
    Plusieurs sorties à 2 adultes à bord (en limite de poids maxi) dans du cl. 2 sans soucis, pas beaucoup de place restante ceci dit.
    J’avais peur de la solidité de ces bateaux légers, mais une fois en main, cela respire la qualité. Aucun appréhension à le poser n’importe où.
    Je possède plusieurs embarcations gonflables de qualité, mais la facilité de mise en oeuvre de ce packraft le rend indispensable.

    Résultat ; j’en achète un deuxième pour ma compagne!

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Pablo in action

How to choose my packraft?

On fabrique vos packrafts sur mesure et à la commande, on n’a donc pas de stock. Le délai de fabrication est habituellement de trois mois mais est sujet à variation, passez nous un coup de fil si vous souhaitez connaitre le délai exact. Quoiqu’il en soit, il est préférable de vous y prendre un peu en avance si vous prévoyez un trip ou une expé à une date précise !

Our Pablo model is available in two sizes, M and L. The choice of size will depend on both your heigh as well as how much gear you plan to carry.

If you are over 1.90m or are planning to do a lot of bikerafting, where the bike will be on prow of the raft, then you should probably go for an L. In other cases, and for a cosier fit, an M is the choice for you.

A noter que l’autovideur n’est pas disponible en taille L, pour la bonne et simple raison que le système de cale genoux nécessite d’être bien calé dans le packraft afin d’être efficace, ce que ne permet pas un bateau trop long.

Available colours to choose from:
- Yellow
- Red
- Black
- Grey
- Camouflage ( 50€ surcharge applicable)

You can choose one or two colours in our standard pattern. Is is also possible to completely customise the look of your boat, by adding a 40€ surcharge. Until our e-shop is modified, please state your desired colours in the comments when you order.

The internal storage system consists of an airproof zipper (Superseal by Tizip) that is welded to the back of your packraft. By opening the zip you have access to the inside of the boat and can store you gear (tent, sleeping bags, backpack...) safely. Think about it like turning your packraft into a giant dry-bag. A single seater has around 250 L of volume, a double seater around 350 L. More than enough space for even those that can't leave home without the kitchen sink. Zip it up and you are off!

The internal storage system is extremely useful for those that need that extra space during long expeditions, where it is important to carry everything on a self sustained trip. It can also be great if you can't be bothered to tie your bag to the cargo rings on the front. Just zip everything up and you are off.

A noter que le Tizip nécessite en entretien régulier et doit être traité avec soin. Il est par ailleurs exclu de la garantie, comme chez les autres fabricants de packrafts. En cas de défaillance (zip abîmé, sable ou boue incrustée dans la fermeture éclair…), votre bateau va se mettre à fuir légèrement. En conclusion, si la délicatesse n’est pas votre fort, posez-vous bien la question de savoir si vous en aurez l’utilité ou non avant de choisir cette option !

Le pontage est une pièce de tissu qui recouvre la partie supérieure du bateau. Cette pièce est munie d’un trou généralement ovaloïde qu’on appelle l’hiloire, dans lequel vous viendrez vous glisser. L’hiloire est rigidifié à l’aide d’un tuyau plastique amovible, autour duquel vous pourrez installer une jupe, elle aussi amovible (fournie avec le pontage). Lorsque la jupe est installée, vous êtes complètement au sec. Si vous vous retournez, il vous suffit de tirer sur une petite poignée située à l’avant de la jupe pour que celle-ci ne saute et vous permette de sortir du packraft en quelques secondes.

Decked packrafts are the most versatile option because you can paddle both flat and white water. The deck keeps your lower body warm and means you can use the packraft in colder conditions. If, as a beginner, you are doubting about which raft you should choose, this one is probably the one for you as it gives the wides scope of use.

A removable deck is very similar to a classic spray deck, but you can remove it by unzipping and unfastening it (Velcro band) from the main body of the packraft. This means you can choose between and open or decked boat depending on the adventure!

This one is simple: evacuation holes are placed in the bottom of the packraft to let water out. Because some water will always remain in the bottom, a slightly thicker, and boat-long inflatable seat is added to keep your body high and dry.

Self bailers are great for paddlers looking to do some cool white water. If a wave covers your raft, no problem: it will simply drain out through the bottom as nothing had happened. They are good for when continual scouting makes a deck and spray skirt combination cumbersome.


Designed and made in France

Our packrafts are handcrafted in our workshop, based in the south of France, between the Drôme river and the Vercors mountains.

We have chosen to innovate and build locally for multiple reasons. Foremost it allows us to control all parts of the fabrication process and tailor to our customers needs. We use first -in-class and durable products, and do our best to reduce our environmental impact.

High quality materials

We choose the best materials in order to manufacture first -in-class and durable products.
Our suppliers are leaders in their respective fields.

Fix it. Keep it.

A piece of metal or a sharp branch has punctured your packraft ? Don't worry, we offer repair services at reasonable prices so that no boat is left off the water!

Votre packraft ressortira de notre atelier comme neuf, avec simplement une belle balafre. Mais n’est ce pas la marque des aventuriers ?


Designed and made in France

Our packrafts are handcrafted in our workshop, based in the south of France, between the Drôme river and the Vercors mountains. We have chosen to innovate and build locally for mutiple reasons. Foremost we keep control all parts of the fabrication process, we can use first -in-class and durable products, and we aim to reduce the environmental impact.

High quality materials

We choose the best materials in order to manufacture first -in-class and durable products. Our suppliers are leaders in their respective fields.

Fix it. Keep it.

A piece of metal has punctured your packraft ? Take it easy, we offer a free one-time repair service (transportation costs excluded) on our models. Your packraft will leave our workshop brand new, with just a scar. Call it a sign of your adventure!

We can also mend boats from other brands.

You still have questions? You want to customise your packraft, choosing the colour of each tube, or adding tie downs ? You would like to try a boat

Pablo est Lui aussi sur Insta, suivez ses péripéties !

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