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The only Packrafts made in Europe

Davy Rocket

One seater with spraydeck – 1369€ –  4,5 kilos

Sleek design, innovative geometry, speed, rare versatility… Davy Rocket combines the lightness of a packraft with the sailing performance of a kayak. It’s the ideal craft for lovers of adventure on the water, roaming trips or nature outings!

George All Well

One seater open – 679€ – 2,5 kilos

Would you like to travel in ultra-light mode, take your packraft on mountain lakes or down calm rivers? Weighing in at just 2457 grams, Georges All Well is the perfect companion for minimalist adventurers!

Jekyll & Ride

One seater with spraydeck – 1789€ –  5,7 kilos

A combination of several patent-pending designs, its geometry is a first for a packraft. Eskimo rolls, carving, edge control… Get the feel of a hardshell in an inflatable. Jekyll is the ultimate whitewater packraft !

William Shakes Beer

Two seaters open – 879€ – 4,9 kilos

Do you dream about sharing your adventures with a best mate or significant other? If so, William, our two seater packraft that can also be used solo is perfect for you. Wild rivers and inaccessible coves will become your new playground!

The other members of the Crew

Pablo Whisky Bar

 879€ –  4,2 kilos

Jane Gin Can

 895€ –  3,7 kilos

Lara Craft

 1195€ –  6,5 kilos

Johnny Splash

1025€ –  5,4 kilos

Our Story

The MEKONG adventure started in 2018, when five inexperienced but intrepid sailors decided to descend the mythical Mekong river on a 2000 km journey from the North of Laos to the South China Sea. During their travels the idea of building a light-weight kayak, strong enough to carry all the gear necessary for an expedition and withstand the most hostile of elements was born. Five years later, our packrafts travel the rivers of the world and MEKONG is one of the leading packraft brands in Europe !

The Adventures of the Mekong Crew

Kayak, Canoe, Packraft... What are the differences ?

A packraft is an inflatable, ultra-light (1 to 5 kilos) boat, half-way between a kayak and a raft. It is the ideal companion for nature lovers, adventurers, expert kayakers or fishermen. With a high capacity, it can carry all your gear from your backpack to your bike. Once deflated and rolled up, it can easily be stowed away thanks to its small size. Imagine, a white water capable boat the size fo a sleeping bag ! Packrafting, bikerafting, trekrafting, fishing… Discover the infinity of options that a packraft will offer you!

Take part in the Packraft Festival

From the 9th to the 12th of May 2024, on the banks of the Drac, between Grenoble and Gap, come and discover packrafting in all its forms! Whether you are a novice or an expert, come and meet the members of the packraft community and have a great time on the water! The schedule includes: Initiation to packrafting, bike-rafting, river descents from class 1 to 4, white water techniques, safety training, a stroll on the Lac du Sautet, a concert… All in a friendly atmosphere surrounded by a beautiful landscape !

Any questions? Feel free to contact us!

Do you have any questions concerning our packrafts, including customisation, available colour choices, delivery schedules and fabrication methods ? Would you like to visit our workshop? Then send us an email to olivier[at]mekongpackraft.com, call us  on +33 7 62 75 95 81, and we will reply as soon as we can. We look forward to hearing from you!

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We have packrafts in stock that can be shipped on short notice. For a customised packraft, our lead time is currently 2 months and half. For more info, drop us an email or give us a call !

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